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Yamasee was established in 2015 by pilots who have set their vision on solving the turbulence problem. 

The aviation community has been trying to come to grips with CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) For over 30 years. The available data is cumbersome, elusive and unreliable in guiding pilots in midair, raising major questions in the commercial aviation turbulence field:

  1. Where is the turbulence?

  2. What is the severity of the turbulence? 

  3. Where are the nearby turbulence-free zones? 

  4. When was the turbulence detected and how long will it last?  


The Skypath app answers these questions by presenting real time turbulence conditions along the planned route, enabling airline planners and pilots to optimally and economically avoid severe conditions.

As the app gathers information including altitude, it provides turbulence condition data for different altitude layers.


Airline pilots are equipped with Electronics Flight Bags (EFB) tablets with which they perform many tasks during flights. By using the Skypath app on their iPads, they become part of the crowdsourcing solution. This enables both pilots and planners to utilize realtime access to turbulence conditions.


In Sept. 2015, a patent for Skypath was approved and officially published in the US. Since then the system was patented in 5 more major locations - EU, China, Russia, India and Australia.  The System has since then been used by ELAL, and is being tested by several large airlines.  

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