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Turbulence and Weather Management in Commercial Aviation


Yamasee’s goal is delivery of accurate real-time weather, based on crowdsourcing. Yamasee has developed the "Skypath" app that presents real time turbulence conditions, enabling airline planners and pilots to optimally and economically evade turbulent conditions.


Yamasee’s commitment to provide real-time data combined with aviation expertise enables the company to offer an optimal solution for turbulence.


The turbulence problem costs airline hundreds of millions of dollars due to crew and passenger injuries, operational delays, and unscheduled aircraft maintenance. For over 30 years the aviation community is trying to come to grips with CAT (Clear Air Turbulence). The available data is cumbersome, elusive and unreliable in telling the pilots what to do.


A Crowd Sourcing, network based system, using accelerometer and GPS data from tablets and other mobile devices - transmitting real-time data from the air - to a server and back to users. Safety of flight is a major focus - Skypath operates in the background and will alert the pilots ahead of time-without compromising safety of flight.

Real Time

An automatic real-time turbulence “sense and display” system

Safety First

Allows pilots to choose an optimal route keeping passengers safe 


Based on sharing crowdsourced information detected in real time

Plug n Play

Skypath could be installed easily , quickly and for not extra set up cost.

Yam Z 2.jpg

Zivi Nedivi


Mr. Nedivi is the Chairman of Yamasee and is actively involved in organizational
planning and in in the strategic direction of the company.

Previously he served as the president and CEO of Cyalume Technologies, a leading
designer and manufacturer of proprietary chemical illumination products for the safety, security, and medical markets. 
Prior to Cyalume Mr. Nedivi was CEO and then special advisor of Axiom Investment
Advisors, a $1.6 billion hedge fund specializing in currencies, before that Mr. Nedivi served as Chief Operating Officer at Lumenis Ltd, the world's leading medical laser company.

From 1990 to 2005 Mr. Nedivi was President and CEO of Kellstrom Aerospace and Kellstrom Industries.
Prior to his business career, Mr. Nedivi served as an F-15 fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force.

Yam R 1.jpg

Relik Shafir

President & CEO

Mr. Shafir is President & CEO of Yamasee. Before Yamasee Mr. Shafir served 30 years in the IAF as a F-4, F-15, and F-16 fighter pilot. His command posts included an F-4 fighter squadron, the IAF Flight Academy, an F-16 wing and base and the largest base in the IAF, Tel-Nof.


Since his retirement from the IAF, Mr. Shafir held managerial positions in the software and energy industries. Prior to his current position Mr. Shafir was CEO of IEI, a scientific oil shale exploratory company.


Mr. Shafir is a Mathematics and Philosophy major, and a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey California. As a reserve officer, Mr. Shafir serves as the IAF spokesperson in emrgencies and as a safety officer in
the IAF missile testing unit.

Yam O 1.jpg

Capt. Oran Hampel

Inventor of Skypath


and pilot systems

Capt. Hampel is the inventor of SkyPath and serves as Yamasee's Chief of Innovation. He's also an ELAL senior 787/777 Captain and check pilot, with over 15,000 flight hours, He is licensed in the B737NG, B757, B767.


Prior to advancing to the wide body fleet, he was chief pilot and fleet manager of B737s, as well as an instructor, check airmen, with over 100 pilots reporting to him.


Prior to ELAL, Capt. Hampel was a consultant at the Israel Aircraft Industries in the LAVI fighter development program. During his service in the IAF, he was an F-15 pilot . He is also an expert in aviation safety.

Oron Adam - Copy.jpg

Oron Adam


Mr. Adam is a software engineer and architect. His expertise is in large scale AWS and Azure planning and deployment projects. Mr Adam is one of the 3 patent authors of the Disk on Key. 

Yuval Koren.jpg

Capt. Yuval Koren

Server and Web engineer

Mr. Koren is a software engineer and 787 Captain in EL-AL airlines. He is well versed in software applications, and is
a developer of a flight scheduling application for air crews and other systems.


Capt. Koren was an F-16 pilot in the IAF.

Capt. Yuval Koren employs experienced engineers who are well versed in IOS applications development and in complex algorithmic solutions.

Maya Shpak.png

Maya Shpak


Previously she was a senior program manager and BD at Commercial Aviation/ Elbit systems LTD,  Specializing diverse avionic solutions.

She served as a combat helicopter pilot in the IAF, and now in the reserves.
Mrs. Shpak has a B.Sc. in industrial engineering from Tel-Aviv university.



Ziv Levy

Application engineer

Mr. Levy is experienced in avionic and commercial systems

F-15, F-16 pilot and commander in the IAF.

A Software designer and engineer, Harvard MC-MPA graduate



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